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TAB Leeds Central

Paul Dickinson and Jo Clarkson brought The Alternative Board “TAB” to the UK in 2009 as the first phase of TAB’s global expansion. Since 2009 “TAB” has been established in New Zealand, Australia, Germany, Austria, the Czech Republic and Ireland. Paul and Jo sold the UK business in February 2017.

Paul and Jo continue to be part of the TAB community as owners of the TAB Leeds Central region.
TAB is a global organisation with over 25 years experience in bringing together owners of privately held businesses to overcome challenges and seize new opportunities with a combination of peer advice and business coaching.

Board members meet monthly to learn from one another’s successes and mistakes to improve their business performance.

Business development sessions outside the board focus on personal goals, strategic planning and business goals ensuring members get the most from the board sessions and the invaluable business advice from fellow members.

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E-mail: [email protected]
Phone: 07887 544569

Jo Clarkson

Jo facilitates a TAB board with business owner members from a diverse range of sectors – each focused on ensuring that their business delivers for them what they want out of life! Jo also works with a number of TAB members across the Yorkshire region, focussing on the ‘people’ aspects of business success and business exit strategies and plans.

Jo is an experienced director and entrepreneur who has worked with hundreds of business owners all over the UK during the last 30 years. 

In addition to her role as UK Operations Director of TAB she has held senior positions in an international professional services firm, and in 1998 founded The CapEx Partnership, a private venture capital fund investing in SME businesses. As a founding Director of CapEx, Jo invested in SME businesses across the UK over a period of 10 years, working closely with internal teams to deliver a great return to both investors and owner managers. The fund delivered an IRR of 25% over an 8 year period.

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E-mail: [email protected]
Phone: 07887 544568

Paul Dickinson

Paul runs the first ever TAB board in the UK which has been meeting for over 5 years.  Paul ‘walks the talk’ of the TAB opportunity and understands fully the world in which our members and our facilitators work every day.

Paul began his career as a chartered accountant, and was the Partner responsible for advisory services to owner managed businesses at international chartered accountants PKF for 10 years.

Prior to bringing TAB to the UK in 2009, Paul was a founding Director of The CapEx Partnership, a private venture capital fund investing in, and working with, owner managed businesses in a range of sectors across the UK.  The value of the fund tripled from its first investment in 1998 – and the owners of those businesses achieved their personal visions as a direct result of business success.

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